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Skateboarders And Law Enforcement Clash — Literally — At San Francisco’s Dolores Park

In San Francisco’s Mission District, what should’ve been an impromptu yet enjoyable skateboarding event ended up turning into something resembling a brawl with law enforcement.

DDoS Mitigation Essential Component Of Managed Security Services, Study Finds

It’s no secret that information technology is a wide and varied field, encompassing hundreds of different types of jobs dealing with different sectors of the industry. And while the managed security services market is expected to almost double by 2020, from $17.02 billion to $33.68 billion, a second-annual study conducted by Cocero Network Security determined that DDoS mitigation will likely become an essential managed service in the future, according to Infosecurity Magazine.

The Mysterious Case of Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey Has Been Solved

Surveys estimate that 29% of men say they would wear an engagement ring, but Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has something better — five Super Bowl rings.

Virginia Boy Gets New Lease On Life After Adopted By Relatives

In Richmond, Virginia, a little boy is getting a new lease on life after enduring several life-altering tragedies.

Kindergartner Thomas Miller had just turned one when his mother, Reina Opperman, was killed in a car accident.