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Are Direct Mail Ad Campaigns Still Effective For The Real Estate Industry?

Many people seem to be under the impression that direct mail is becoming obsolete due to the convenience of online communication such as email. However, direct mail advertising campaigns are still very much necessary, especially in the real estate industry.

Seattle Is Finally Catching Up With The Rest Of The U.S. And Making A/C A Necessity Instead Of A Luxury

When it comes to air conditioning, many see it as a necessity rather than a luxury. Still, there are countless people — both renters and homeowners — who are forced to go without it, even during the most sweltering days of summer. But one city, in particular, is making efforts to equip as many new apartments as possible with air conditioning: Seattle.

This Neighborhood Teamed Up To Prevent Industrial Chicken Farm Development

Harold Scrimgeour is just one of many residents who wants to have a say in the structures that get built around his neighborhood. Most recently, he partnered up with neighbors in his quaint Foxchase subdivision to purchase a vacant farm across the street from his home. His reasoning was very simple — he wanted to prevent the land from agricultural development, specifically, chicken farms.