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Family Continues To Grieve After Queens Dentist Prescribed Opioids To Addict

Many people rely on their dentists the same way they rely on their primacy care doctors or any other medical professional: to keep them safe. However, one grieving New York family believes one dentist failed to “do no harm” by prescribing opioids to a patient with known substance abuse problems.

Traveling This Summer? Experts Caution Vacationers About Protecting Information From Hackers

It’s no secret that Americans love vacations — 37% of families say that vacations make them more happy than any other family activity. However, today’s technology gives hackers the upper hand in stealing credit card information, and experts are urging travelers to stay informed.

New 24-Hour Animal Hospital in Gowanus Gives Pet Owners New Opportunities to Access Care

Only 29% of primary care doctors have after-hours coverage, but luckily, Brooklyn pet owners will now have a new opportunity to provide after-hours care for their pets when a 24-hour animal hospital opens next year in Gowanus.