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Army Ammunition Plant Explodes, Leaving 1 Dead, 4 Injured

For most warehouse workers, falling is their biggest injury risk. But despite the fact that slip, trip, and fall injuries account for about 25% of all reported injury claims per fiscal year, there are many other ways employees can get injured at work, and this particular case involved something much worse than a simple trip or fall — an explosion.

Snake Infestation Wreaks Havoc on Kansas City Family of 3

In Kansas city, a family of three has been experiencing the arrival of several unwanted guests — snakes. Tonya Bell claims she’s found eight snakes in her home in the past five days.

Springfield “Power Couple” Buys Salon Where They First Met

There are 210,000 beauty salons in the United States, but there’s only one Studio 417. Located in Springfield, this salon is known for its owners, Paul and Hannah Catlett, who were named by the Murney Blog as one of the “7 Springfield Power Couples You Need to Meet.” And what’s even more surprising is that they met at the very same salon that they ended up buying together.