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UC-Berkeley Expands Student Health Care Plan To Include Transgender Services

In the midst of a nationwide struggle for healthcare, UC-Berkeley has started providing its transgender students with the opportunity for healthcare coverage that now includes fertility preservation and laser hair removal, according to The Daily Californian.

Why Are Large Corporations Resisting Cloud Technology?

These days, many small and medium-sized business are taking advantage of cloud computing technologies. In fact, about 80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within six months of moving to the cloud. Still, there are a number of large businesses that have yet to adapt to the modern cloud-based era of technology.

6 Million Verizon Customers Threatened By Security Breach; Here’s How To Stay Protected

Anybody with a smartphone knows that it allows you to access more information from more locations — in fact, smartphone internet consumption grew by 78% between December 2013 and December 2015 and continues to do so. But even though mobile technology has countless benefits, managing them properly can be a challenge, and the latest breach of customer privacy targets millions of Verizon customers.

Study Shows Travel And Tourism Industry More Likely To Hire Recent Grads And Unemployed Workers

According to a new study by the RAND Corp., California’s tourism industry is more likely to hire recent college graduates and unemployed workers.

Orange County Children Receiving Dental Care They Deserve With Help Of Mobile Teledentistry

In Anaheim, one lucky group of children is getting the much-needed dental care they deserve with the help of a mobile teledentistry program provided by Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County.

Renowned Mexican Restaurant Casa Vega Closing Early For Renovations

“Because in 61 years, we’ve never had this happen. So we thought, why wait? Let’s just fix it — make sure everything is perfect. And show the community how much we believe in our business and cherish our customers.”

These noble words were spoken by Christy Vega Fowler, owner Casa Vega, a renowned Sherman Oaks Mexican restaurant. After becoming infested with cockroaches, Casa Vega had to temporarily shut down prior to Cinco De Mayo, and most recently, Fowler made the decision to shut down the restaurant to speed up renovations to the kitchen and dining room, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Three Arrested On Suspicion Of Mail Theft In San Clarita Valley

People are less reliant on snail mail today than they have been in the past. In fact, consumers say that only 31% of the direct mail they receive includes personalized content that they find useful. If that’s the case, then why are people stealing such mail from the residents of San Clarita Valley?

Car Prices Drop as Vehicles With Expired Leases Return To Dealerships

In recent auto market news, after leasing more than 28,000 Q50 luxury sedans in 2014, Infiniti is being flooded with vehicles whose leases are up. According to the Los Angeles Times, the leases made up more than 75% of overall Q50 sales.

Construction Worker Killed After Crushed By 20-Foot Wall

Authorities have identified 51-year-old construction worker Fernando Martinez as the victim of an accident, which occurred last Monday around 12:30 p.m. when a concrete-block wall at the edge of a nearby residential yard fell onto him, according to the county Medical Examiner’s Office. Martinez had been taking a lunch break at the site, located at Wagner Road and North Marshall Avenue in El Cajon.

Paramount, CA Metal Processing Firm Faces Potential Class Action Lawsuit for Pollution

A metal processing firm in Paramount, California is in the middle of a controversy over allegations of high emissions of a carcinogenic pollutant. The firm, however, is taking action by filing a countersuit alleging that inaccurate readings had caused the concern.