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Attorney General’s Office Announces New York Car Dealership Investigation

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace, and the cost of a single accident could easily exceed $1.4 million. And while most accidents are caused by distracted or negligent drivers, many accidents can also be attributed to mechanical errors.

These Brave Pakistani Women Are Biking Public Streets To Raise Awareness of Abuse

In 2016, certified pre-owned car sales reached a record 2.6 million units, but as more and more people opt for environmentally friendly forms of transportation, such as biking, these numbers may start to decline. A new effort in Pakistan last month involved women across the country participating in female-only bike races in many major cities in hopes of challenging the male dominance of public spaces.

Alberta Car Collector Loses $3 Million Uninsured Collection In Fire

In Alberta, Canada, a man is heartbroken after going through every car lover’s worst nightmare: his uninsured vehicle collection with an estimated value of more than $3 million was destroyed in a fire.

This 10-Year-Old’s New Invention Could Save Children’s Lives

Studies show that 60% of at-risk children were found to be more likely not to go to college if they didn’t get a quality preschool education. For 10-year-old Bishop Curry, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.