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Los Angeles Chargers Prioritize Injury Prevention During Offseason

For most football fans, it's no surprise to hear about injured players; it's simply the nature of the game.

But for the newly relocated Los Angeles Chargers, injuries have been so prevalent that CBS Sports writer Jason La Canfora calls them "one of football's most injured teams year in and year out."

Two California Environmental Groups Sue FDA For Nestle Water Pumping Information

Two California environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for information about Nestle, who has been diverting “tens of millions of gallons” of water from a California creek for bottled water, according to Courthouse News.

Second Worker Injury Incident Occurs At New Facebook Building 21

In Menlo Park, a steel worker was severely injured after falling from an upper level construction foundation, according to The Menlo Park Patch.

4 Pest Control Products Gain Legal Approval To Be Used On California Cannabis Crops

It’s no secret that the medical marijuana industry is quickly growing, or that the drug’s slow march towards legalization continues apace. Here in California, regulators are treating cannabis more and more like any other legal drug or cash crop.

Google Finalizes Deal To Bring 300 Modular Apartments To Silicon Valley In Hopes Of Helping Housing Shortage

In the age of modernized construction technology, modular construction is quickly growing in popularity. Now, Silicon Valley residents who may not have been previously able to afford the typical rent payment will have a new chance to get a place of their own, thanks to the help of Google owner Alphabet Inc.

Shipping Containers Are Helping L.A. Veterans Achieve Affordable and Sustainable Housing

It’s no secret that veteran homelessness is a serious issue. Now, veterans in the Los Angeles area will have the opportunity to receive affordable housing thanks to the help of Potter’s Lane.

13 Former UCSF Employees Sue State For 'Harassment and Discrimination'

“This could not have happened absent unlawful age discrimination. Furthermore, all of them are United States citizens who were replaced by Indian nationals. This is unlawful national origin discrimination.”

Apparent Suicide of 17-Year-Old Girl Has Shocking Similarities To Death of Chris Cornell

This spring, the music industry is mourning the death and possible suicide of Chris Cornell, lead singer of Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and most notably, Soundgarden.